Bar Kokhba Revolt Coin - Collectors Item
Bar Kokhba Revolt Coin - Collectors Item

Bar Kokhba Revolt Coin - Collectors Item

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Rare Bar Kokhba Jewish Rebel Coin - 1 of a Kind

During the Great Revolt (66–73 CE) the Judean rebels minted their own coins complete with meaningful symbols to as both a declaration of independence from Roman rule and to remind themselves what they were fighting for. Similarly, during the Bar Kokhba Revolt (132-136 CE), the Jews minted rebel coinage, which circulated in Judea for three years, with the same intent. It is quite clear that in antiquity the minting of such an issue was the most obvious declaration of independence.

The difference was that the Bar Kokhba rebels did not have the Temple treasury at their disposal and resorted to overstriking Roman coins. On some of the rebel coinage it is still possible to discern the erased outline of a Roman ruler. These were an even more classic example of rebel coinage than those issues during the Great Revolt, as they were overstruck on Roman coins. The Bar Kokhba rebels increased the insult to Rome by overstriking (reminting) Roman coins.  Not much remains of the Bar Kokhba Revolt, that last spasm of Jewish independence, except the coins.  Often, they are poignantly beautiful, for they represent what had been lost.

The symbols on the coins, such as the sacred vessels of the Temple, ritual objects such as the lulav and etrog, and the earliest depiction of the facade of the Temple itself clearly proclaimed the aims of the rebels: To overthrow Roman rule, reestablish an independent Jewish homeland under a messianic figure, and rebuild of the Temple.

The writing on the coins during the Bar Kokhba Revolt, similar to the coins from the earlier revolt, was in the ancient Paleo-Hebrew of the First Temple period. Although this writing was no longer in common use, it was considered to be more authentic and patriotic. The inscriptions themselves left no doubt what the Jews were fighting for:

  • “Year one of the redemption of Israel”
  • “Year two of the freedom of Israel”
  • “Of the freedom of Jerusalem”
  • “Jerusalem”
  • “Shimon”

These coins may have been a defiant response to the Judea Capta coins minted by the Romans after the brutal suppression of the Great Revolt. Only the Jews created rebel coinage within the Roman Empire. They were minted by a sovereign people following its own customs and living on its own land liberated from Roman domination.

Temple Coins is honored to offer a genuine and extremely rare Bar Kokhba revolt coin which features the image of a date palm, which echoes the Menorah from the Temple and symbolizes the Land of Israel, the fruitfulness that God has promised His people, and immortality. The date palm thus represents redemption and resurrection

Everyone, whether a believer or simply a lover of history or of numismatics, will find in these coins direct evidence of, and witness to, the last Jewish revolt of independent Judea of the Second Temple period almost two millennia ago exciting to own. Be a part of spreading the light and glory of The Temple in Jerusalem to the world and celebrating the truth of the biblical prophets by ordering your very own Temple coin. Your donations help us to rekindle the flame of the temple in the hearts of the entire Jewish population through formal and experiential education. And may we merit the rebuilding of the Third Holy Temple speedily in our days.