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Heart of Israel Necklace - Silver (7243737104534)
Heart of Israel Necklace - Silver (7243737104534)
Heart of Israel Necklace  (7243737104534)
Heart of Israel Necklace - Silver (7243737104534)
holy land blessings (7243737104534)
certificate of authenticity (7243737104534)

Heart of Israel Necklace (Sterling Silver)

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Love is the central influence between our creator and ourselves. This design accentuates that love as well as the femininity love in a family. The unassuming look combines the strength of subtlety and confidence.


This magnificent piece includes an original certificate of authenticity

Sterling Silver – Rose gold plated
2cm – 2cm
Chain 14 inch/ 35 cm 

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Holy Soil – directly from the Holy City of Jerusalem

All products are designed, manufactured, packaged, and shipped in Israel