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  • ״Operation Jonathan״ The Entebbe Raid, July 4, 1976

    The 4th of July marks the 45th anniversary of operation "Jonathan" to free hostages held on an airliner in Entebbe, Uganda.
  • The world’s smallest Bible, on a micro-chip

    Introducing the modern version of Holy history. The world’s smallest Bible, on a micro-chip, now integrated into the unique Bible Coin.
  • Easter and Pontius Pilate

    One of the “stars” of the Easter story is Pontius Pilate. Pilate is probably the best known of the procurators (governors), as he served at the time of Jesus (26-36 CE). 
  • The Good Herod: Herod Agrippa I (41–44 CE)

    The last golden age of Jewish Judea occurred during the brief reign of Herod and Miriam’s grandson, Herod Agrippa I, the son of the murdered Aristobulus, and grandson of the murdered Miriam.
  • Meet Dr Tuvia Book

    Dr. Tuvia Book was born in London, and raised in both the UK and South Africa. After making Aliyah at the age of 17, and studying in Yeshiva, he vo...
  • The Real Coins of Hanukkah and their Story

    One of the features of the Hanukkah celebrations are the foil wrapped chocolate coins, known as Hanukkah “Gelt” (Yiddish for “money”). This week I...
  • Meet the Designer of the Abraham Accord Coin

            Aharon Shevo Biography Aharon Shevo was born in 1943, in Hungary, to Rivka and Mattityahu  HaCohen Schwartz. His father was not fortunate e...



    God keeps giving Samson the opportunity to repent, and endless opportunities to learn how to control his desires. But Samson doesn’t get it. He doesn’t turn to God when making important decisions. The only times he cries out to God and offers any form of prayer is when he has a physical need, such as thirst. "Then he became very thirsty; so he cried out to the Lord" (Judges 15:18) And what does God do? He stays patient and loving, he shows mercy and gives him water.