The Trump - Good Vs. Evil Coin

Discover the Trump - Good Vs. Evil Coin, a symbol of prophecy and the battle between Good and Evil. Crafted by Aharon Shavo from silver-finished zinc alloy, this 50mm, 48-gram coin honors Trump and Netanyahu's role in fulfilling the ancient prophecy of the Third Temple. A testament to divine struggle and unity in our era.

In an era where the forces of Good and Evil seem ever more clearly defined, the Trump - Good Vs. Evil Coin emerges as a potent symbol of the timeless battle depicted in the prophecy of the Sons of Light vs Sons of Darkness. This coin celebrates President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as modern-day embodiments of the Sons of Light, positioned against contemporary manifestations of darkness, in alignment with the prophetic vision of rebuilding the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

The Symbolism and Significance of the Coin

The Trump - Good Vs. Evil Coin is not merely a token but a testament to the enduring struggle between light and darkness. Featuring Trump and Netanyahu alongside the Israeli and American flags, it heralds unity and determination in the face of adversity. The reverse side, with Cyrus the Great, the Temple, and the Persian lion symbolizes the historical and divine continuum of this battle, linking past, present, and future in a sacred mission.

Bibi and Trump: Champions of the Sons of Light

Trump and Netanyahu, as leaders of their nations, are portrayed as champions in the cosmic battle prophesied in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Their policies and actions, particularly in recognizing Jerusalem and advancing the cause of the Third Temple, mirror the ancient struggle of the Sons of Light against the forces of Darkness. Their leadership embodies the spirit of the prophecy, rallying the Sons of Light in our time.

Cyrus and the Third Temple: The Historical Echo

Cyrus the Great's inclusion on the coin serves as a reminder of his instrumental role in the Jews' return and the Temple's original rebuilding, embodying the benevolence and divine mandate that Trump and Netanyahu continue. The Third Temple's envisioned rebuilding becomes a focal point of the prophecy, symbolizing the ultimate victory of Light and the establishment of eternal peace.

The War of Good Vs. Evil: A Contemporary Reflection

The prophecy's depiction of a battle culminating in divine intervention and the restoration of the Temple resonates with current global tensions and the moral dichotomy of our times. Trump and Netanyahu, akin to the Sons of Light, face off against modern Kittim, striving against odds and opposition to herald a new era of righteousness and divine harmony, as foreseen in the ancient texts.

Stand with the Sons of Light

Owning the Trump - Good Vs. Evil Coin is more than a collector's choice; it's a declaration of allegiance in the ongoing struggle between Good and Evil. It invites each of us to align with the forces of Light, as embodied by Trump, Netanyahu, and Cyrus, in the sacred cause of rebuilding the Third Temple and fulfilling the prophecy. Act now to claim your place in this historic battle of destinies and stand firm with the Sons of Light against the encroaching shadows.

Technical Details

  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Colour finished coating: Silver
  • Size: 50mm / 1.97 inches
  • Weight: 48 grams / 1.69 ounces
  • Designer: Aharon Shavo

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Sons of Light Against Sons of Darkness coin (5409590050966)
Sons of Light Against Sons of Darkness coin - back (5409590050966)
temple coin box (5409590050966)
Sons of Light Against Sons of Darkness coin with box (5409590050966)
temple coin box (5409590050966)
  • Sons of Light Against Sons of Darkness coin (5409590050966)
  • Sons of Light Against Sons of Darkness coin - back (5409590050966)
  • temple coin box (5409590050966)
  • Sons of Light Against Sons of Darkness coin with box (5409590050966)
  • temple coin box (5409590050966)
Sons of Light Against Sons of Darkness coin (5409590050966)
Sons of Light Against Sons of Darkness coin - back (5409590050966)
temple coin box (5409590050966)
Sons of Light Against Sons of Darkness coin with box (5409590050966)
temple coin box (5409590050966)
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