The Mikdash Educational Center is committed to educate and rekindle the spiritual and national connection between Jewish people and the Temple and to disseminate experiential Temple education, in Israel and throughout the world.

At our new premises in Jerusalem, we have established a Beit Midrash Mikdash, a Holy Temple Study Center to complement the traditional programs that are implemented in schools, synagogues, and community centers in Israel and throughout the world.

Temple Coins' Endorsement of the Mikdash Educational Center's Outreach Program

At Temple Coins, where we pride ourselves on crafting coins that celebrate the history and divine promises of the Holy Land, we find a profound alignment with the Mikdash Educational Center's mission. In these times of hardship, the Center's dedication to supporting and educating children displaced by war touches the core of our values.

Educational Outreach in Times of Crisis

The outreach program by the Mikdash Educational Center, which involves visiting hotels and shelters across Israel to bring joy, faith, and enriching experiences to children, mirrors our dedication to preserving and honoring the spiritual and historical essence of Israel. The Center's efforts in strengthening the connection between the Israeli people, Holy Jerusalem, and the expectation of redemption are in perfect harmony with our mission at Temple Coins.

Connecting the Past with the Present

The Mikdash Educational Center's commitment to raising awareness of the Holy Temple's significance in Jewish religion, history, and culture resonates with Temple Coins’ aim of encapsulating the divine promises in every coin. The Center's work in rekindling the spiritual and national connection to the Temple aligns with our efforts to create numismatic pieces that are not just collectibles but are also educational and spiritual vessels.

Supporting a Legacy of Learning and Faith

The establishment of the Beit Midrash Mikdash, a Holy Temple Study Center in Jerusalem, complements our own initiatives in schools and communities. This educational commitment is akin to our own endeavors at Temple Coins, where we seek to educate and connect people to the rich heritage of Israel through our coins.

A Shared Vision of Hope and Redemption

The Center's dedication to providing hope and strengthening faith among children during these difficult times is a mission we at Temple Coins deeply appreciate and support. This aligns with our shared vision of redemption and the enduring spiritual journey that we seek to represent through our coins.

Invitation to Support

We encourage our community at Temple Coins to take part in this critical project and support the children of Israel through the Mikdash Educational Center. Each contribution, whether big or small, helps in providing these children with hope and a deeper understanding of their heritage.

There are two meaningful ways to contribute:

  1. Purchase with Purpose from Temple Coins: By choosing to acquire one of our meticulously crafted coins, you're not only gaining a piece of numismatic art but also supporting a cause. A portion of the proceeds from every coin sold at Temple Coins will be directed to the Mikdash Educational Center's outreach program. Each coin you purchase helps to bring joy, education, and hope to children affected by the tumultuous circumstances in Israel.

  2. Direct Donation to the Mikdash Educational Center: If you prefer a more direct form of support, consider donating to the Mikdash Educational Center's project. Your donations will directly fund their efforts to support and educate children during these challenging times, strengthening their connection to their heritage and the anticipation of redemption.

Join Us in Making a Difference - By engaging with Temple Coins, whether through purchasing our coins or directly supporting the Mikdash Educational Center, you are actively participating in a mission that transcends mere commerce. You are becoming a part of a community that values heritage, education, and the spiritual journey of the Holy Land.


In conclusion, Temple Coins' support for the Mikdash Educational Center's outreach program is more than just a philanthropic gesture; it is a reflection of our shared values and commitment to the Holy Land. As we continue to create coins that capture the essence of Israel's story, we are proud to endorse a cause that aligns so closely with our vision and mission. Together, we are not just commemorating history; we are actively participating in nurturing the spiritual and educational growth of the young generation in Israel.