At Temple Coins, where we honor the spiritual and historical significance of Israel through our numismatic art, we find a profound connection with the vital work of ZAKA. ZAKA's dedication to emergency response, search and rescue, and international disaster assistance reflects the resilience and unity that are at the core of our values.

ZAKA's Diverse and Skilled Volunteerism

ZAKA's establishment of specialist search and rescue units, including the Motorcycle, K9, Jeep, ATV, Jet-ski, and Divers units, exemplifies the organization's commitment to professionalism and rapid response. These units, composed of highly skilled volunteers, mirror our dedication at Temple Coins to craftsmanship and excellence. Each volunteer's expertise and dedication in their field are akin to the meticulous care our artisans invest in each coin.

Bridging Societal Gaps and Fostering Unity

ZAKA's role in Israeli society as a highly esteemed and respected organization aligns with our mission at Temple Coins to forge meaningful connections. ZAKA’s inclusive approach, engaging volunteers from diverse backgrounds - Jews, Christians, Druze, Bedouin, and Muslims, across all ages and sectors, resonates with our vision of uniting people through shared values and heritage. This inclusivity and respect for all, regardless of religion, race, or creed, reflect the universal values that we at Temple Coins hold dear.

International Recognition and Humanitarian Efforts

The recognition of ZAKA by the United Nations as an international humanitarian volunteer organization is a testament to their global impact and aligns with our aspiration at Temple Coins to be recognized for our quality and authenticity. ZAKA's role as a model for emergency services worldwide, sharing best practices and serving as a beacon in the darkest times, parallels our desire to be a light in the numismatic world, sharing the story and spirit of Israel globally.

Supporting ZAKA's Noble Mission

We at Temple Coins recognize the importance of supporting organizations like ZAKA, which not only provide critical services in times of need but also embody the spirit of unity, dedication, and compassion. Their work is a powerful representation of the values we cherish and strive to embody in every coin we craft.

Temple Coins warmly invites you to join us in supporting ZAKA, a remarkable organization dedicated to emergency response, search and rescue, and humanitarian assistance. Here's how you can make a meaningful contribution:

  1. Purchasing Coins from Temple Coins: Each coin purchased from Temple Coins is a testament to Israel's enduring spirit and a step towards supporting a vital cause. We commit a portion of the proceeds from every coin sale to ZAKA's diverse and life-saving initiatives. Through your passion for numismatic art, you directly contribute to ZAKA's efforts in providing professional and skilled volunteer services, bridging societal gaps, and promoting unity and compassion in times of need.

  2. Direct Donation to ZAKA: If you wish to directly support ZAKA's noble mission, you can make a donation to their organization. Your contribution will support their specialized units and volunteers who dedicate their time and skills to save lives and provide assistance during emergencies and disasters, both in Israel and globally.

Joining Hands in a Collective Mission - By choosing to engage with Temple Coins, whether through the purchase of our meticulously crafted coins or by directly supporting ZAKA, you become a part of a larger, noble mission. Your contribution is a reflection of a commitment to the values of unity, dedication, and humanitarian service, values that are deeply embedded in the ethos of Temple Coins.


In supporting ZAKA, we extend beyond the realm of numismatics into a world where action, dedication, and unity make a tangible difference. ZAKA's mission of saving lives and providing assistance to all encapsulates the essence of what we stand for at Temple Coins - a deep respect for life, a commitment to excellence, and the unification of diverse communities under a common goal of humanitarian service.