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The world’s smallest Bible, on a micro-chip

We’re thrilled to announce that we recently launched a new coin, and we think it’s our best yet. It’s the Bible Coin, featuring the world’s smallest Bible on its microchip.

What is the Bible Coin?
The Bible Coin is the world’s smallest version of the Bible, specifically, the Old Testament, that requires a special microscope to read it. Professor Uri Sivan and Dr. Ohad Zohar conceived and created the Nano-Bible at the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa.

What’s on the coin?
The Bible Coin, which comes in either a Brushed Bronze or Brushed Silver, has over 1.2 million characters etched onto the nanochip with the precision of an ion beam. The nanochip in the center of the coin symbolizes the 10 commandments in the Bible. At the center of the coin, you’ll find the Hebrew letter “Shin”, which notes the Holiest version of the name of the Lord. The lines that lead toward the nanochip create an infinity effect with the sun’s rays. The following verse encircles the front of the coin in both English and Ancient Hebrew:

“For the earth shall be full of knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” - Isaiah 11:9


This verse explains why we wanted to create this coin. The Bible Coin will allow you to share the Word of the Lord to everyone you know. The Bible Coin can serve as a conversation piece. Once you strike up a conversation with friends and family about the coin, the knowledge of the Lord will spread through the earth through His disciples.

Why would you want such a coin?
Because this coin is a piece of Biblical history. You can carry it with you wherever you go, or keep it on display in your home as a token of the Holy Land. And, it comes straight from Israel; we use local resources whenever possible, so you can have a coin that not only represents the Holy Land but comes straight from Israel too.

Connect with the Biblical capital of the world by bringing a piece of the Holy Land into your home. Because it’s designed and made in the Holy Land, this precious piece is even more symbolic.

As Christians, it’s important to support Israel. God’s chosen land is Israel, and thus, supporting the Holy Land means supporting His people. We want to connect Christians around the world with the Bible coin. Not only would you be purchasing a coin, but a Biblical, historical reminder of Christianity.