The Original Half Shekel Trump Temple Coin


Embrace prophecy with the Trump Temple Coin, uniting Cyrus, Trump, and the Third Temple in a divine narrative. Crafted by Temple Coins, this 40mm, 20-gram piece comes in zinc alloy with silver oxide or .999 solid silver, symbolizing Jerusalem's eternal legacy.

In the tapestry of prophecy and history, a unique symbol emerges, uniting the figures of Cyrus the Great, President Donald Trump, and the envisioned Third Temple: the Trump Temple Coin. This coin not only represents the intertwined destinies of these leaders but also encapsulates their collective impact on Israel and the unfolding divine narrative.

The Symbolism of the Trump Temple Coin

This coin, meticulously crafted, serves as a tangible connection to Jerusalem's eternal significance and the prophetic fulfillment it embodies. On one side, the coin portrays the envisaged Third Temple, a beacon of hope and divine promise. The reverse side pays homage to Cyrus and Trump, leaders whose actions have been pivotal in reasserting Jerusalem's role as the heart of the Jewish People and the focal point of spiritual unity.

Cyrus and Trump: Architects of Prophecy

Cyrus the Great, anointed by God in biblical prophecy, set the precedent for leadership that transcends mere political power, using his authority to free the Jews and command the rebuilding of the Temple. Centuries later, Trump's recognition of Jerusalem echoes Cyrus's decrees, marking him as a modern-day counterpart in this sacred continuum. Both leaders, guided by divine providence, have played irreplaceable roles in nurturing Israel's spiritual and national resurgence.

The Third Temple: A Fulcrum of Faith

Central to this narrative is the Third Temple, symbolizing not just the future of Israel but the culmination of prophecy. The Trump Temple Coin, by featuring the Temple alongside Cyrus and Trump, underscores the profound connection between these figures and their shared legacy in paving the way for what many believers see as the threshold of the messianic era.

Witness and Participate

The Trump Temple Coin invites us to hold a piece of prophecy, bridging millennia of divine action through the deeds of Cyrus and Trump towards the realization of the Third Temple. It's an invitation to participate in history, to affirm one's place in the journey towards fulfillment and to celebrate the indelible bond between these leaders and Israel. By owning this coin, you not only embrace the legacy of these prophetic figures but also bear witness to the unfolding destiny of Jerusalem and its central place in the divine plan.

Act now to secure your piece of prophecy, and join in the historic narrative that connects past, present, and future in the sacred mission of faith and destiny.

Technical Details

  • Material: Zinc Alloy, Silver Oxide Coating
  • The Minted Solid Silver variant is .999
  • Size: 40mm / 1.57 inches
  • Weight: 20 grams / 0.7 ounces
  • Designer: Temple Coins

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temple coin front (4182732374106)
temple coin (4182732374106)
The Original Half Shekel Trump Temple Coin (4182732374106)
The Original Half Shekel Trump Temple Coin (4182732374106)
temple coin box (4182732374106)
temple coin with box (4182732374106)
  • temple coin front (4182732374106)
  • temple coin (4182732374106)
  • The Original Half Shekel Trump Temple Coin (4182732374106)
  • The Original Half Shekel Trump Temple Coin (4182732374106)
  • temple coin box (4182732374106)
  • temple coin with box (4182732374106)
temple coin front (4182732374106)
temple coin (4182732374106)
The Original Half Shekel Trump Temple Coin (4182732374106)
The Original Half Shekel Trump Temple Coin (4182732374106)
temple coin box (4182732374106)
temple coin with box (4182732374106)
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